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This tool is based on the DISC theory according to which the behaviour of people can be read on the intersection of two axes (emotions and reason) that form 4 quadrants, each of which describes a certain pattern of behaviour: Dominance (D) - Influence (I) - Steadiness (S) - Conscientiousness (C)

With only ten minutes required for implementation, this assessment provides a detailed report that highlights the natural behaviour of the person in the workplace, answering various questions, including:

  • What are the strengths and areas for improvement?

  • What is the communication style?

  • What motivates the person?

  • What is the reaction under stress?


Behavioural assessment analyses also the leadership style, decision-making style, deadline and time management, goal orientation, solution planning, criticality management and aggression .

It is a tool that helps to increase the level of certainty at the time of selection, identifying the risk factors for turnover, which maximizes the effectiveness of career development and allows resources to be managed better and with less effort.

It is addressed both to seafarers destined to embark and to personnel employed in the office.

The service offers different combinations, including the opportunity to cross the profiles of two people in order to check their compatibility.

The assessment can be done at home or in every place with a PC/internet connection.

To have a completely effective and clear analysis, it is advisable to combine the report with an in-depth individual feedback restitution conducted by a certified professional. 

In 3E team there is one certified person. 

3E tools are engineered with a governance model based on systematic analysis techniques, able to provide verifiable results, safeguarding impartiality and preventing conflict of interest situations.

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