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This is an ad hoc “one to one” path aimed at developing the potential of on-board or office personnel with roles of responsibility and that every day find themselves having to communicate effectively, manage stress and maintain positive leadership. 

The coaching deals with the person his weaknesses, offering an external point of view about his actual behaviour and which approach could be modified to improve and develop a certain personal characteristic. 

One of our external collaborators, a qualified coach, will accompanied the person in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Specific support will be provided towards the acquisition of a higher degree of awareness, responsibility, choice, trust and autonomy.

Here are only few some cases when the coaching can be useful:

  • following gaps or insecurities highlighted situations such as vetting or inspections with unsatisfactory results;

  • personal behaviour to improve;

  • personal situations that could threaten the work aspect

3E tools are engineered with a governance model based on systematic analysis techniques, able to provide verifiable results, safeguarding impartiality and preventing conflict of interest situations.

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