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We can imagine the CMS as a circle that starts from the evaluation and, passing through the training, returns to the starting point, to ensure constant monitoring of the entire process of improvement of the staff. An important tool in this sense is the report on the CMS on a quarterly and annual basis, which contains:

  • total of the activities performed;

  • skills analyzed and their results;

  • company media, both by grade and by nationality;

  • global analysis of strengths and weaknesses;

  • training suggestions;

  • assessment of the objectives and company KPIs initially established and possibly a revision of them.

It is a report that frames the performance of the entire staff and makes them aware of their value and the parts that need to be improved, in order to aim for an overall improvement in company performances.


3E tools are engineered with a governance model based on systematic analysis techniques, able to provide verifiable results, safeguarding impartiality and preventing conflict of interest situations.

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